IJMBPORTAL.COM is a registered educational examination body, which deals with advanced level programs and also Consultation. Basically, we help to prepare and place our students into a registered educational institution.

We are affiliated to several schools in, and outside Nigeria; operating various A’level programs such as IJMB, JUPEB, Diploma, Cambridge A’level, NAGCE, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc.

We prepare our students to be self-dependent, and also help them in their academic plans/pursuits; by helping them get the right grades, process admission, and assist in their international visa application process. We have an outstanding record of placing students into the best universities in Nigeria at all levels from A’ Level to postgraduate students.

We are established to provide qualitative and reliable educational assessment; encouraging academic and moral excellence, and promoting sustainable human resource development. Out of the hundreds of thousands of students that apply and sit for UTME yearly, only about 20% are successful in securing admissions into Nigerian universities. Most of these candidates, who fail to secure admission, reapply in subsequent years thereby worsening the admission burden in Nigerian Universities.

Even for those who successfully score over 200 in UTME, some of them end up not being able to secure admission. The worst dilemma is that they cannot use the result in the following year, as the UTME result is only valid for one (1) year, as against the IJMB, JUPEB, CAMBRIDGE, NAGCE result which has no expiry date.


IJMBPORTAL.COM is a Government approved and an Internationally Accredited Educational Training and Consultancy College that has distinguished itself over the years in the sphere of helping students secure admission into universities both locally and internationally. Note that the IJMB program does not require JAMB.


Recognized By NUC


It is recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as a program leading to an advanced level certification in the chosen subjects. Successful candidates gain admission to the university via Direct Entry.

Lifetime Certificate


The IJMB ‘A’ level result is recognized around the world as a valid ‘A’ Level certification. Unlike JAMB, successful IJMB candidates don’t have to repeat the examination. It is a lifetime certificate.

9 Months Duration


Officially, IJMB is a 9 months program. Lectures start between March and April and run through to the whole year. The exams proper start sometime in January or the first week of February the following year.

Successful University Admissions
Quality Education
Conducive Learning Environment







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