IJMBPORTAL.COM is a registered educational examination body, which deals with advanced level programs and also Consultation. Basically, we help to prepare and place our students into a registered educational institution.

We are affiliated to several schools in, and outside Nigeria; operating various A’level programs such as IJMB, JUPEB, Diploma, Cambridge A’level, NAGCE, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc.

We prepare our students to be self-dependent, and also help them in their academic plans/pursuits; by helping them get the right grades, process admission, and assist in their international visa application process. We have an outstanding record of placing students into the best universities in Nigeria at all levels from A’ Level to postgraduate students.

We are established to provide qualitative and reliable educational assessment; encouraging academic and moral excellence, and promoting sustainable human resource development. Out of the hundreds of thousands of students that apply and sit for UTME yearly, only about 20% are successful in securing admissions into Nigerian universities. Most of these candidates, who fail to secure admission, reapply in subsequent years thereby worsening the admission burden in Nigerian Universities.

Even for those who successfully score over 200 in UTME, some of them end up not being able to secure admission. The worst dilemma is that they cannot use the result in the following year, as the UTME result is only valid for one (1) year, as against the IJMB, JUPEB, CAMBRIDGE, NAGCE result which has no expiry date.


IJMBPORTAL.COM is a Government approved and an Internationally Accredited Educational Training and Consultancy College that has distinguished itself over the years in the sphere of helping students secure admission into universities both locally and internationally. Note that the IJMB program does not require JAMB.

About Interim Joint Matriculation Board - IJMB

IJMB (Interim Joint Matriculation Board) is an Advanced Level program supervised, coordinated and moderated by Ahmadu Bello UNIVERSITY, Zaria. It allows successful students to get admitted into 200L in any Nigerian Universities. It’s a 9-10 months program, after which a direct entry form will be obtained for 200 level admission processing.

It is designed to solve problems of admission for candidates seeking admission into Nigeria University instead of JAMB.

IJMB has become a perfect substitution for school leavers who couldn’t meet up with the JAMB/UTME rigorous challenges faced in processing admission into Tertiary Institution in Nigeria. With the right combination of subjects/courses,

  • The maximum point a student can attain in IJMB examination is 16 points,
  • An extra point is given if there is no grade “F” in the result.
  • The IJMB result grading ranges from

A- 5 points
B- 4 points
C- 3 points
D- 2 points
E- 1 points
F- 0 points

A student with combination of subject such as
Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Physics – A = 5 Points Chemistry – B = 4 Points Biology – c = 3 Points Total = 12 + 1 (Additional Points)*

  • Since, there is no grade “F” in the result, the IJMB board automatically awards an additional “One Point” to such result.
  • Therefore a student with the grades above can boast of 13 points in his/her IJMB examination which is enough to study any course of his/her choice.


  • O’ Level Result (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, O’LEVEL and Equivalents).
    With minimum of Five Credits, English and Mathematics Included.
  • 4 Passports with any background, Should be available for submission on resumption.
  • Awaiting result can also apply



  1. What is the duration of the IJMB Program?
    The official IJMB duration is 9months. It is divided into two (2) semesters, the First semester and second semester. Each semester have its scheduled syllabus to be covered within the period of the IJMB program.
  2.  I don’t have completed O’level result, how can I register for the ijmb program?
    You can still register for the IJMB A/level program with your awaiting result. If you don’t have any awaiting result yet, you can still register for ijmb, during the period of your ijmb program. You will register for either WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, WASSCE or any other related EXAMS.
  3. What is the maximum point obtainable in IJMB?

The maximum point you can get in the IJMB exam is 16points.This is the interpretation of each grade:


4. What is the minimum point(s) needed for university admission?

The minimum points required in IJMB to gain university admission is 5points. Meaning if a student after the ijmb program score D, D, D=6points, such student qualifies for admission.

5. How certain is this IJMB program for university admission?

Ijmb program/ijmb exam has been in existence for decades. Many students have gained admission to their choice universities to study their dream course with this ijmb A/levels program. If it is not genuine, jamb will not accredit the program (ijmb), check jamb brochure for more proof.

6. Which course can I study with IJMB?

There is no course you cannot study with your ijmb A/level result. During the course of your ijmb program; you would have filled in your choice course. Starting from MEDICINE, ENGINEERING, ACCOUNTING, computer science, law, business admin, nursing etc.

My friends/people said IJMB Program is hard, how true is this?

Is there any exam that is simple? That is why it is called exam! Even the so called simple exams, if you don’t read and prepare well, you can’t pass. It’s only a lazy student that doesn’t read for exams. With ijmb a/levels, if you read you WILL DEFINITELY pass!! I promise you, because we have the best lecturers, and a conducive learning environment.

How much is IJMB Registration form?

IJMB Form and Registration fee is N10,000. Although, fees differs in different study centers across the nation.

How can I obtain my IJMB Registration form?

You can obtain your IJMB Registration form by paying into the school’s account BELOW (NOT ANYONE’S PERSONAL ACCOUNT) and via this website www.ijmbportal.com to apply directly online.

When Will My IJMB Result Expire?

The IJMB Result does not expire, you can Use it as much as you want, just like you use your WAEC result.

Do You Have Accommodation For Students?

YES, we have hostel accommodation which is sufficient enough for all our IJMB students.

Registration and resumption is ongoing in our study center, with conducive learning environment and well equipped hostel accommodation. Don’t let distance discourage you from achieving your Academic goals and Educational visions

How to obtain your IJMB form:

Click on the button below to begin your IJMB registration ONLINE or OFFLINE.

For questions and further information, kindly message us via email provided on this website; ijmbeschool@gmail.com.


Recognized By NUC


It is recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as a program leading to an advanced level certification in the chosen subjects. Successful candidates gain admission to the university via Direct Entry.

Lifetime Certificate


The IJMB ‘A’ level result is recognized around the world as a valid ‘A’ Level certification. Unlike JAMB, successful IJMB candidates don’t have to repeat the examination. It is a lifetime certificate.

9 Months Duration


Officially, IJMB is a 9 months program. Lectures start between March and April and run through to the whole year. The exams proper start sometime in January or the first week of February the following year.

Successful University Admissions
Quality Education
Conducive Learning Environment







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